Special events

Light Party on 31 October, 6.15-7.45pm at The Town Hall, Cricklade.

Women's Retreat - Be still and know that I am God, Saturday 18 November

In what direction do we believe God is taking our Church? Phil will be doing a 15 minute presentation followed by questions on a number of dates to share more about what we believe God is doing and how we can all play a part. 

Explore Together: a new service for all ages to explore the Bible together on the first Sunday of every month at 4pm at St Sampson's

Together we are stronger coffee morning and evenings

Prayer meetings at St Sampson's – prayer is the engine room of the church. Come along and be part of supporting all that we are doing in prayer.

Informal Worship – a service for those who enjoy more modern music in a relaxed setting. Now weekly in St Sampson's Primary School Hall..