Message from Phil Bradley

Emailed out on 6 April 2019

Having been slowly building my hours back up since the start of 2019 I am happy to say that I am returning to 40 hours just before Easter after taking annual leave from 6th to 13th April.

I am still trying to pace myself and keep myself to these hours in order to be more effective and reduce the risk of becoming unwell again. Therefore I will be continuing to prioritise my work carefully and continue to delegate more to the very capable Ministry Team and others with the requisite gifts and time.

The support I have received from everyone while I have been working reduced hours has been amazing. I have felt very encouraged and loved by many of you which has helped me rebuild my energy levels and positive attitude. I am looking forward to coming back mentally refreshed and with peace in my heart to be able to serve you and love you in the way God has called me to.

I am praying for all of you as I have done for the last months and look forward to seeing more of you over the coming months.

With all God’s Blessings

Revd Phil Bradley

Vicar, Upper Thames Group of Churches