24-7 prayer

24-7 prayer returns to Cricklade

Friday 29th at 4pm until Sunday 31st March at 4pm in St Sampson’s Church

  • A 24-7 prayer space for the whole weekend – come and spend time with God
  • Open to anyone  
  • Explore different prayer zones around the Church, using words, art, music, activities, silence and more to talk and listen to God. 
  • Finishes at 4pm on the Sunday with Informal Worship

Find out more from Helen and Barry Hammond, Alanna Hemmings, Shirley Danby or Sarah Smith.

You are invited to sign up for one hour slots across the weekend (you can do as many as you like!) so we can cover the whole time in prayer. The slots between 9pm and 6am will be in people’s homes. Or just turn up over the weekend and take part.

You can sign up at http://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/17d63f (most up to date availability) or on a printed sign-up sheet (which will be updated every few days) by the entrance in Church. Book your slot(s) now!

Here are some comments from those who took part in the prayer weekend last September…

“I loved the prayer time. It was so well done with all the different activities. It was so nice and calm. I felt really connected with God.” 

“The prayer space was very special, welcoming and full of God's presence.”

“I usually find staying quiet and focussing on God very difficult, but this was a place to go for that specific purpose, which was really helpful. I found the time too short. I felt very strongly God's majesty and care.”

“We both found the weekend helpful and fulfilling not least because we were able to have fellowship with members of our Church that we rarely meet.”

“It was a very special prayer and quiet time over the weekend.  It was so good to put away the busyness, accept the chance to rest and pray and rekindle a still centre with God.”

“I felt light and love pour into the prayer room. I felt energised throughout the weekend – even after several hours of prayer in the night! The hours passed quickly and God seemed to say so much to me for our church, for me personally in terms of growing and being discipled and for how I reach out to friends and neighbours. It gave me confidence to pray for someone I hardly know in the street when I saw them at 7am on Sunday morning!”

You can watch some videos about 24-7 prayer at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=24-7+prayer