24 Hour prayer
3rd October 2020
0:00- 18:00
24-hours of prayer for our families, communities and churches, Friday 2 October 6pm until Saturday 3rd October 6pm, Organised by St Sampson’s Church and our Prayer Networks.
Pray in your own home for 30 minutes or 1 hour (or more!) and be part of a continuous prayer room. You will be amazed how quickly an hour passes! More than one person can pray during each hour and you are free to pray as you wish. Please sign up for a time slot so that we can see the whole period is covered in prayer. Please visit 24-hour prayer to sign up. During previous prayer events, people have appreciated a time of peace, calm and focus on God. Praying during the night might seem daunting but without any day-time distractions, it can be a really powerful time. We can provide you with ideas or prayers to use - just get in touch via our administrator (email below). Knowing we need God’s guidance in these tough times with Covid restrictions as well as a vacancy, a whole wave of prayer from all our parishes and churches is much needed. Please do join in.


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