St Sampson's Church Appeal

Appeal latest

Donations to the roof appeal are still being received despite the continued lockdown and the total stands at around £60,000. The team is seeking funding from grant bodies so please pray for these applications. The first phase of repairs is the South Transept – at a cost of approximately £100K. In hopeful anticipation, we are about to go out to tender, so any contributions to the Roof Fund, made payable to "St Sampson's Church", will be gratefully received.


St Sampson’s Church is in urgent need of repairs to the roof.  At the same time, the floor of the Nave needs to be replaced because it is severely damaged by Death Watch Beetle and by Dry Rot.

These essential repairs will cost us a significant sum of money.  In discussions with our architects and engineers together with the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) we are mapping out our best way forward.

Initially, we plan to tackle the South Transept roof as it is the most severely damaged.  The cost for this part of the project is estimated at about £100,000.   When funds allow, we shall then tackle other sections of the roof before moving inside to tackle the floor and improve heating and lighting.

Clearly this is a massive undertaking but unless we start now, the damage will get worse.  It will also mean that our hopes of making St Sampson’s a really warm and welcoming Community Space will come to nothing.

We are exploring different ways by which we can encourage people to join us in raising the money we need.  We are also working with different funding agencies to see what monies might be available – often as matched funding to support the money we have raised.

Different events and activities are being planned and we welcome any ideas which you might have to help us tackle the huge challenges we face.

We shall try to keep you posted at regular intervals via the notice board by the Font at the back of the church and by emails and other notes.  Also, keep an eye on the St Sampson’s Church web site.  When we have some detailed plans to look at, we shall arrange meetings to share the information.

With best wishes from the Church Appeal Team who are:

Adina Grace, Barry Hammond, Sharon Smith, Helen Dixon, Rob Crow, Martin Lisk, Sarah Smith and Rob Hyde-Bales