Prayer is a vital part of any church community. If you would like to pray for the work of the Upper Thames Group of Churches, you will find some prayer requests to help you below.

Praying for people locally - prayer email network

Equally, we want to pray for people in the local community whether they come to church or not. We have a prayer email network – everyone on the email list receives prayer requests from people in the church and wider Cricklade, Ashton Keynes, Latton and Leigh communities. Many people find this a great source of comfort and strength. If you would like to receive the prayer email or send in a personal prayer request to be included, please use the prayer contact us form. Your request can be as specific or general as you would like! God knows the full situation – we don’t need to if you don’t want us to!

If you need quiet time, you are always welcome to come into St Sampson’s when it’s open. Don’t forget the 6pm evening prayer slots and the church tends to be open to visitors everyday until about 3pm.

Prayer pointers for our churches

Give thanks and praise for our church community, for those who have been part of it for a long time and those who have joined recently. Thank God for his faithfulness and provision.

Please pray:

For the vacancy period as we seek a new vicar. Ask God to help us work well together and find the right person to take our churches forward into the future.

For our lay readers. Ask God for creativity and wisdom as they plan and lead services and prepare talks and activities.

For each member of the church community. Ask that we will grow in faith and understanding.

For the church community, asking that we will work together, using our gifts and skills, valuing each other and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

For our work with children and young people. Pray that this will grow and flourish and we will find the right people to lead this work.

For our links with the local schools. Ask God to bless those links and develop and strengthen them.

For the mission side of our work to develop. Pray for the time, energy, resources and ideas to reach out and show God’s love locally.

Thank you for your support.